Reconstruction of the Islamic Educational Development in Indonesia in Dealing with ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

M. Ihsan Dacholfany, Khoirurrijal Khoirurrijal


Quality education is the most important thing to realize, for the creation of human qualities and the quality of Indonesian society that is progressive and self can be realized only if public education successfully upgraded, then the role of educational institutions in Indonesia, including ASEAN countries, which includes one aspect of a very large where the system education should be integrated in accordance with the needs and wants of today in order to create a knowledgeable and skilled people. In this paper presenter will submit opinions or suggestions in order to reconstruct the Islamic education in Indonesia especially in welcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is in progress, in this case education in Indonesia that the majority of Muslims trying to reconstruct in the development of Islamic Education in an effort to promote and develop education in Indonesia in order to meet the needs and desires in order to be competitive with other countries, among them building Orientation Islamic education in determining the pattern, direction, and the achievement of certain desired, creating a human resources (HR) Islamic credible and professional, their access to education and the cost of education affordable, lack of synergy between educational institutions and institutions of vocational training as well as the fulfilment of the national standard education in hopes of institutions of Islam should be optimistic and can be used as momentum and golden opportunity to generate and promote a wide range of sectors have a role most strategic in determining development and the nation's progress by immediately activating synergies in unity, vision, mission and goals together in the face of competition in the face of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).


Education; Reconstruction

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