Performance Analysis of AC Alternator 115/208 Volt, 400 Hz, 12 kVA of Fokker-27 Aircraft

Harry Ramza, Fitrianto Ali Ngimron, Faizar Abdurrahman, Roer Eka Pawinanto, Malik Sulaiman, Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Yohannes Dewanto


Alternator (115/208 Volt, 400 Hz, 12 kVA) is a very important electrical system on Fokker-27 aircraft. The device supplies electrical current for flight equipment and other equipments on airplanes. This paper describes the performance calculation of an aircraft alternator including the power calculation and energy, fuel usage, mileage, calculating speed and frequency of the alternator, power efficiency and load analysis. In another part, it explains the alternator relationship with other tools such as: inverter (voltage converter DC to AC) which uses a voltage regulator to keep excitation and alternator rotation constant, and the battery used for special equipment or backup power source.


Alternator; Fokker-27; inverter; aircraft; performance-analysis

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