A Study of Application for Production Machine Operation Manufacturing Company in Indonesia

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Effective use of machinery is an important element in maintenance performance in the company. There are several ways to measure effectiveness in machinery usage in the manufacturing industry. Among the parameters employed are times of production processes, capability in terms of production quantity and quality, and machinery’s capacity to operate, which is looked at from an economic perspective. Machine operation failures often occur at manufacturing companies in Indonesia. Some of the causal factors are the frequency of machine breakdown due to long usage, cost consumed in machine maintenance, and incorrect application of production machinery. For that reason, the purpose of this study were to examine as to how far these factors are true for the manufacturing company in Indonesia namely is PTP 1 Nusantara, as well as to identify the application of production machinery at this company. The study developed concept model that the factors of production machine application. Machine application factor is the model to examine machine maintenance, which included machine operation efficiency. This model is developed to help the company in developing a more effective production system and strategies, consequently, affecting the study companies’ performance. The research has been done by quantitative analysis. Based on gathered information, study results showed that oversights in machine application, it was found that there were also oversights in the machine maintenance system. This was because the machine applications at the companies haven’t yet to be effective. This is evident from the analysis of data that domain machine condition in this company (min= 1.27), cost of maintenance (min= 1.38), cost of usage (min= 1.26), down time cost (min 1.76), production quantity (min= 1.58) machine maintenance system (min= 1.25). In order to avoid such problems, it is proposed that the company to improve their machine maintenance systems.


Machine maintenance; cost of operational machine; machine operational effectiveness

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