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Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic (JoMA) was founded in 2014 by Indonesian International Student in Kajang, Malaysia. Many of the initial members were not practicing science, but after the dues were raised from $0 to $2 in 2015, the social hobbyists began dropping their membership, and the Society moved toward a membership made up primarily of professionals in the field as Multidisciplinary academics. The role of the Society as a scientific and professional group serving the Multidisciplinary sciences, which was established so well in the first few decades of the Society's history, has continued to the present. The JoMA now publishes in print and online ten well-respected scientific journals and an abstract journal.

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In writing procedures, authors are required to explain quotes, quotes and citation sources wisely and clearly. As well as upholding the ethics of science in developing useful knowledge of many societies. Quotation explanations can be written in the list of references that the publisher has set. Code of pronunciation can use the ENDNOTE software or the like. Furthermore, please download the supplementary file before make the online submission, as follows:

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Vol 5, No 3 (2021): Science, Engineering and Social Science Series (New Update: With DOI index)

Table of Contents


The Effect of Capital Adequacy, Credit Risk, and Liquidity on Commercial Banks Profitability in Indonesia Stock Exchange PDF
Anastasia Anggraini, Dewa Gede Dharma Suputra 203-207
Organization Innovation Effect on Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Over Job Performance at PT. UTAC Manufacturing Services Indonesia PDF
Hendra Lesmana, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar R Syah 208-215
The Sculling Crime in Work Relationship over Plantation Service, Sago Drugging Case Study PDF
Nelly Dharma, Markoni Markoni, Wasis Susetio 216-221
The Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Principles Over Goods & Services Procurement Over PT. Angkasa Pura Solusi PDF
Qisthina Izazi Shaleha, Suyud Margono Shaleha 222-229
The Differences Patient Satisfaction Indices Using Android application and Questionnaire Method in The Puskesmas PDF
I Gusti Lanang Putu Udiyana, I Gede Riana 230-233
HR Practices, Employment Engagement, Job Crafting, Organizational Citizenship Behavior Affect Task Performance (Bekasi City Banking Company) PDF
Tigor Maruhum Hutapea, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar R Syah, Diana Fajarwati 234-239
The Role Of Company Size In Moderating The Cash Position Relationship, Return On Assets, And Debt To Equity Ratio To Dividend Payout Ratio (A Case Study on Manufacturing Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015-2019) PDF
Devi Noviandari, Dimas Angga Negoro 240-248
The Evaluation of The Parameter Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Green Products Small Medium Enterprises (SMES) During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study of Consumer in Kudus) PDF
Mokhamad Arwani, Mawar Anggraeni, Dina Lusianti, Dhaifina Idznitia A. Naimi 249-254
The Financial Performance Enhancement Through Entrepreneurial Orientation Moderation by Tri Hita Karana Culture PDF
Ni Nyoman Yuni Juwitaristanty, Ni L P Wiagustini 255-259
The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Engagement and Employee Performance PDF
I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Arya Gemilang, I Gede Riana 260-264

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