The Level of Hazardous Waste Management Compliance Based on Government Regulation 101/2014 across Firms in Bandar Lampung

Bambang Prasetio, Merza Rahmawati


Management of hazardous waste that does not meet the requirements can cause impacts on human health and also
environmental pollution such as accidents when transporting in accordance with procedures, storage areas it is not
accordance with requirements, the presence of leakage, Hazardous abuse, personnel neglect, symbol giving incompatible and
others. To avoid these negative impacts, it is required for every person or activity / business that produces waste to manage
Hazardous waste in accordance with government regulation 101 of 2014 concerning Hazardous Waste Management. This
research was conducted in April - November 2018. In industrial companies that already have Hazardous Waste TPS licenses,
government and private in Bandar Lampung City, became the research location and particularly in the field of Occupational
Health and Safety (OHSAS) which manages Hazardous waste in the industry. The industries that were the objects of this
study consisted of 2 industries managed by government and the private sector in Bandar Lampung City namely mining
company and medical eye center. Data observation and information to evaluate compatibility waste management that has
been regulated in regulation No. 101/2014. The results showed, analysis and evaluation can later be used as a basis for
consideration or input to the company and the Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Bandar Lampung.


Regulation, Environmental, Hazardous, and Toxic Waste

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