Relation Overview Between MPKPP Application and Job Satisfaction Over PGI Cikini Hospital Jakarta 2007

Yannerith Chintya, Asnet Leo Bunga, Yuswardi Azwar


MPKPP is the initial step towards MPKP, this model is able to provide entry-level professional nursing care. MPKP is a method to provide nursing care in the team leader / primary nurse who is responsible for the total care of several patients goes to home. PGI Cikini Hospital used MPKPP method to improve a nursing quality to care they clients. Here, a nurses have ability to think critically high and understand the importance of a good as a nurse-patient relationship. In addition, the collaboration of health teams in the professional manner is taking action according to authority and professional responsibility in order to achieve maximum goals. Thus, in this research we conducted on implementing nurses who will carrying out functional duties and lack of cooperation between teams to provide nursing care technique. This study aims to obtain an overview of relationship between MPKPP application and job satisfaction in implementing nurses using the Chi-Square method. In this study, we use 130 respondents who were nurses implementing. The results shows only 53.8% (p = 0,000) of respondents stated that the application of MPKPP was applied, while only 53.1% (p = 0,000) stated that job satisfaction at PGI CIKINI Hospital. From the bivariate analysis obtained 4 variables such as MPKPP Implementation, Workforce, Role and Function of Nurses, Nursing Documentation which showed a significant relationship with Employee Nurse Satisfaction (p = 0,000). The MPKPP application can be increase the work satisfaction of implementing nurses in near future


Application of MPKPP; Job satisfaction; Managing Nurse

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