The influence of environmental campaign on public awareness in maintaining the cleanliness and waste reduction program: a case study of Bandung City

Bimastyaji Surya Ramadan, Firdha Cahya Alam, Benno Rahardyan


This paper describes the relationship between the environmental campaign and people awareness, especially Bandung citizens to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and do the waste reduction program. Various attempts were made by local governments in Indonesia to build public awareness in creating a green and clean city, including supporting social movements and community participation for doing the environmental program. We can find many environmental volunteers in Bandung that trying to create environmental awareness. A social movement has been made some massive campaign on environmental programs through the mass media and various activities which indirectly have a positive effect on public awareness and waste management system. The objective of this study was to analyse the perception and public response to the environmental education campaign and how are the effective strategies for implementing the campaign together with all of the stakeholders to be able to walk properly and sustained. This study was conducted using descriptive and inferential analysis based on a literature study, field observations and in-depth interviews with community leaders and the government. The result shows that community participation components (knowledge and perception) are contributing significantly to community participation for maintaining cleanliness and reduce waste because of statistical analysis that has a p-value of 0.000 at a significance level of 5%. Approximately 26.4% of public participation can be explained by the knowledge and perception of the community in environmental education campaign


awareness, cleanliness; environmental campaign; waste reduction

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