Vol 3, No 4 (2019)

Science, Engineering and Social Science Series

Table of Contents


Servant leadership, Organization Commitment and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour PDF
Ratna Syaka Aprilda, Dian Alfia Purwandari, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 57-64
Duck Nugget Frozen Food Market Analysis and Marketing Strategy as a Startup Business Plan in Indonesia PDF
Dimas Imam Perdana Putra, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 65-70
Sales and Marketing Strategies Duck Nugget Product Using Porter’s Five Force and SWOT Analysis PDF
Fathul Amal Syamsul Arifin, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 71-75
The Influence Cash Position Analysis over Debt to Equity Ratio, Return On Assets, And Inventory Turnover on Dividend Payout Ratio: Consumer Goods Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2012-2017 Case Study PDF
Roisyam Azmal, Dimas Angga Negoro, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 76-81
Unggul Daycare Human Resource Business Planning PDF
Mohammad Munir, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Samerdanta Pusaka, Rokiah Kusumapradja 82-84
Organizational Culture and Motivation over Mediated Performance by Organizational Commitment PDF
Syafriadi Cut Ali, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 85-90
Human Capital Strategy Implementation on Duck Nugget Frozen Food Business Over Start-Up Business Plan PDF
Rizaldy Baskara, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 91-96
Investment Feasibility Analysis in Financial Aspects of Startup Business In Lifestyle Combining Barbershop And Coffee shop Over PT. Jeeva Work Corporation PDF
Caecilia Kwarti Krist Marsiwi, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Semerdanta Pusaka, Rhian Indradewa 97-100
Human Capital Strategy Implementation for Startup Business: Jeeva Works Company PDF
Priyo Hadi Susananto, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 101-107
Competence Contribution in Work Environment and Job Satisfaction Performance over PTSP West Jakarta PDF
Budhi Fahlevi, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Husein Umar 108-113
Influence Analysis of Gross Domestic Product, Return on Equity, and Earning Share in Stock Price Using Moderating Variables Inflation over Consumer Goods Companies Indonesia Stock Exchange PDF
Eki Anita, Dimas Angga Negoro 114-122

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