Vol 4, No 2 (2020)

Science, Engineering and Social Science Series

Table of Contents


The Influence of Integrated Value in Purchasing Game Item and Game Satisfaction against Game Item Purchase Intention over the Unknown's Battlegrounds Player PDF
Ardian Pramana Wicaksana, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 56-62
The Leadership Styles Impact, In Learning Organizations, And Organizational Innovation Towards Organizational Performance Over Manufacturing Companies, Indonesia PDF
Jennifer Kristiani Adam, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 63-69
The Lean Government Development on Public Services over Publishing Letter Police Record at State Police Office, Indonesian Republic PDF
Jayanti Mayasari Simamora, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 70-76
Affecting Factors over Repurchase Shop Intention at E-Commerce Industry PDF
Daniel Hero Fersil Punuindoong, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 77-81
Marketing Strategy and Business Model Canvas at Jeeva Works Corporation PDF
Abdul Karim Ambari, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 82-85
Marketing Plan Implementation over Business Start-up: Food Combining at PT. BERAS JAGUNG NUSANTARA PDF
Muhammad Rully Firmansyah, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Semerdanta Pusaka, Dadan Ramdhani 86-89
Identification of Bird Diversity in the Campus Landscape of Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA) As an Approach for Sustainable Campus Planning and Development PDF
Anggi Mardiyanto, Bambang Prasetio 90-93
Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Over City Market Citra Raya PDF
Shinta Shinta, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Dimas Angga Negoro 94-98
Hotel Risk Management Implementation Based on Technology over LH Hotel PDF
Rona Novia, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Semerdanta Pusaka 99-101
The Intention of Origin Influence Image Country to Buy Smartphone in Indonesia: Case Study on Samsung Brand PDF
Hendro Hendro, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 102-104
Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Trust, and Customer Loyalty in Service of Paediatric Polyclinic Over Private H Hospital of East Jakarta, Indonesia PDF
Christian Elizar, Ratna Indrawati, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 105-111
Air Pollution Analysis of Preconstruction and Construction Phases in Sumatera Institute of Technology, South Lampung PDF
Bambang Prasetio, Anggi Mardianto 112-115
The Application of Well Injection Technology in the Produced Water Management Oil and Gas Industry PDF
Sillak Hasiany 116-121
Performance Comparison between Direct Method and Tree-code used in N-body Simulation using Python PDF
Muhammad Isnaenda Ikhsan 122-126

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