Vol 4, No 6 (2020)

Science, Engineering and Social Science Series

Table of Contents


The Differences in Patient Safety Culture (Before and After Training) over Patient Safety on Pharmacy and Radiological Installations at Type B Hospital, Jakarta PDF
Desy Trisnawati, Rokiah Kusumapradja, Idrus Jus’at 319-323
The Effect of Compensation, Workplace Environment, and Organizational Commitment on Non-Government Health Care Practioner’s Performance PDF
Susanti Angraeni, Rokiah Kusumapadja, Rian Adi Pamungkas 324-330
Implementation of Comprehensive Strategy and Risk at Marketing Strategy RASBiN Foundation Over Medical Bank Products PDF
Andre Depeda Prantino, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Dadan Ramdhani, Semerdanta Pusaka 331-342
The Relationship Between Quality of Food and Nutrition Services and Patient Loyalty with Mediated Patient Satisfaction at X Hospital Bogor PDF
Rini Siti Haerani, Idrus Jus’at, Anastina Tahjoo 343-349
Financial Implementation for Start-up Business Home Care Applications PDF
Hanifatul Riskiya, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Samerdanta Pusaka, Dadan Ramdhani 350-353
Big Five Personality Traits and Reciprocal Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance PDF
Liany Halim, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 354-360
The Effect of Marketing Mix, Hospital Image, and Patient Loyalty on Intention for Retreatment over Outpatient Care at Pasar Minggu Hospital during COVID-19 Outbreak PDF
Sri kurnia wati, Sandra dewi, Rokiah Kusumapradja 361-367
Risks of HACCP Plan Implementation for Food Safety at Business Startup PT. BERAS JAGUNG NUSANTARA PDF
Tri Nurfitriati, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Semerdanta Pusaka, Dadan Ramdhani 368-372
Marketing Mix and Trust as A Visiting Intention Factors PDF
Herwatt Setiawan, Hasyim Hasyim, Rina Mutiara 373-380
Financial Literacy, Financial Behaviour and Financial Anxiety: Implication for Financial Well Being of Top Management Level Employees PDF
Lidwina Friska Adriana Pijoh, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 381-386
The Implementation of Hospital Management Information Systems Using Human, Organization, Technology, And Benefit Models at Dinda Hospital Tangerang PDF
Airo Dhanaris Simorangkir, Supriyantoro Supriyantoro, Arrozi Arrozi 387-391
Transformational Leadership, Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction on Team Performance over Retail Store PDF
Yonatan Setiadi, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 392-397
Mediating Role of Work Environment in The Effect of Occupational Health, Safety Management System, And Teamwork over Patient Safety Climate According to Nurses’ Perception PDF
Roveny Roveny, Rokiah Kusumapradja, CSP Wekadigunawan 398-406
Transformational leaders can improve Achievement Motivation and Competence Development to support Nurses Productivity PDF
Lugina Jatianita, Wekadigunawan Wekadigunawan, Mus Aida 407-411
Transformational Leadership Role in Human Resource Effectiveness PDF
Gunawan Gunawan, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Diana Fajarwati 412-415
DeLone Model Assessment and McLean Information Success System Over Esa Unggul University Website PDF
Irawati Irawati, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 416-420
Working Capital Planning at PT Kelola Lingkungan Kita as an Effort to Increase Probability PDF
Alie Sutjiadi, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Diana Fajarwati 421-425
The Implementation of Marketing Mix Strategy for Medical Hazardous Waste Processing Companies During Competition Existing Companies over PT. Kelola Lingkungan Kita PDF
Loke Fristanto, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Diana Fajarwati 426-430
Study On the Effectiveness of Recruitment Processes at Pt. Kelola Lingkungan Kita PDF
Hanut Priyanto, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Diana Fajarwati 431-434
Determination Of Factory Location PT. Kelola Lingkungan Kita Using Factor Rating PDF
Rio Ramadhan, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah, Rhian Indradewa, Diana Fajarwati 435-438
The Effect of Servant Leadership and Compensation on Turnover Intention Through Organizational Commitment PDF
Januar Mansyah, Rojuaniah Rojuaniah 439-446
The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Affective Commitments with Job Satisfaction and Organizational Culture as An Intervening Variable PDF
Nurhayati Achmad Ratina, Ratna Indrawati Lestariani, Rhian Indradewa, Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah 447-452
E-aedes framework based on Geographical Information System: Stakeholder Perceptions PDF
Muhammad Ilham, Nurul Islami, Faizar Abdurrahman, Suryadi Suryadi 453-456

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